Friday, July 2, 2010

Under the Dome

I am trying to be very cautious to not give away and of the plot when I do a book review.

I have always been a Stephen King fan and this book did not disappoint. It was a little daunting at 1074 pages, but right away King's characters had me in their grasp and I had a hard time taking breaks from the story.

An invisible barrier has come down around a little town, resting right on the town borders severing them from the rest of the world. Set in the small town of Chester's Mill, this story portrays what might happen if a small pocket of society were suddenly cut off from outside contact. The dome not only causes problems politically, relationally, and emotionally for those affected by the dome, it also causes some environmental impact on the area that is cut off. The citizens of Chester's Mill fight along with the United States Army to try and figure out a way to get rid of the dome, while some corrupt people trapped beneath it take advantage of the isolation to increase the tyranny that have been inflicting on the small town all along.

King does such a good job of character development throughout the story, I found myself reacting emotionally to the storyline as if it were happening to me. I cannot tell you the last time a character in a story mad me as angry as the villain in this story did. And even at the end of the 1000+ pages I was still wanting more.


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