Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Vacation has truly begun

This is the first day since school ended for the school year with absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to go. What a refreshing change for this summer so far! Of course there are things I should be doing; getting on the treadmill, putting away the laundry, cleaning the bathroom...but here I sit. I am recovering from a busy weekend.

Steve, our son in the Army, arrived Friday on leave. It feels so good to have him home, but bittersweet too. This leave is his pre-deployment leave. When he leaves to go back to base, he will be flying out to his deployment in Iraq. I am trying to just enjoy each day of his leave without thinking about deployment.

Teddi, our middle child, finished driver's education on Friday. The Department of Motor Vehicles was closed Friday and today so she doesn't have her learner's permit..YET! That comes tomorrow. One more day to not think about that.

Our youngest, Tori, has Type 1 Diabetes and we did not realize that she wasn't getting any insulin from her insulin pump from 6:00pm Saturday until 8:00 Sunday morning when she woke up a very sick little girls. We were able to treat her and avoid the ER, but it was a close one.

That is enough drama for a few days.