Friday, September 3, 2010

Fresh Laundry

Like so many people I have been looking for ways to trim our budget.  This summer I have been using our clothes line for drying our laundry.  I am a very systematic person and love coming up with a system that maximizes what I want to get done.  I have done this with my laundry.  First I wash the heavy clothes and get them on the line so they have a chance to get dry during the course of the day.  Then I do the lighter clothes.  I refuse to put out socks, underwear and towels so those loads will be done last.  When the afternoon rolls around, I will check the clothes that have been hanging out and take them off the line and put them into the dryer for 15-20 minutes.  I do this for several reasons.  It makes our clothes softer, smooths the wrinkles, removes any lint that needs to be gotten off the cloth, removes pollen that may have collected on the clothes as well as kills any spiders that might have found refuge in the folds of the laundry.  Those last two details are from experience.  I do have to admit I haven't tracked our electricity usage to see how much I am saving but I am getting a huge sense of accomplishment by doing my laundry this way.  I am going to miss it when they days become too cold to continue.

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